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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Woman Face Shaver's Testimonial

Face Shaving for Women Article by Vanessa Coria-May, 2005

In November, 2005, I posted a bit concerning my interest in face shaving for women, as a facial skin exfoliating practice.

I have since contacted a few sources who have indeed, validated that the practice is far more widespread than I could have imagined. I also contacted a woman who performs personal face shaving, and she was kind enough to describe when she began the practice, and how she performs this exfoliation technique. Thanks, Sherry; I found your information very interesting.

Sherry's Testimonial

I first heard about face shaving approximately 20 years ago from a co-worker. I thought this gorgeous creature with skin like velvet was insane. This was many years before I chose to become an aesthetician. Oh how I wish I had started this practice way back then.

I can not count the clients I have met who practice this form of exfoliation and each and every one has given positive feedback. They all have taken this advice from their doctor (dermatologist or plastic surgeon). It's a practice that has been around for many, many years but is "back in vogue" again. Look at most close-up shots of models in print ads and we see that they are usually "hairless".

I have personally been practicing face shaving for about 6 years and have to say I am very pleased with the results. I am doing so approximately 3 times a week using a double-edged disposable razor. I have very oily, thick skin. I use a foaming facial cleanser to give "slip" to the skin. I begin at the base of the neck shaving in an upward motion. I spend extra time on my areas of concern (lips-pull this area very taut as you go- crinkles around eyes, forehead ). To achieve full anti-aging benefits, it's important to shave the entire face. Caution: avoid any freckles, moles, raised areas on the face as, obviously, the blade with cut away the surface and this is never good.

I would suggest that beginners start with one day a week the first week. Add a second day the following week. Then a third day the third week until performing about every other day or approximately 3 times a week. Make adjustments if necessary and remember, this is a very aggressive move on the skin. I usually perform this at night and follow with a very nurturing moisturizer as opposed to any strong anti-aging products as this would be too harsh.

You know how we have always heard that men don't age like women; they don't get wrinkles around the lips like we do. Well now science has proven why. Looking at areas where men don't shave, we see that they age as fast, if not faster, than we do. Over time, the rate at which we grow new skin cells slows down considerably. By constantly removing dead surface cells, we literally force our body to continue to grow new cells at a more youthful pace.

Finally, I am always asked, "Won't the hair grown in thicker or stiffer - won't I grow a beard?" The structure of a hair is determined at the root level in the dermis. What we see on the surface is merely dead keratin. That's why is doesn't hurt to cut our hair or fingernails. Keep in mind that a blunt ended hair feels slightly different to the touch than a hair with a tapered end but never like stubble. And remember, just about every women sees the hair in the upper lip and chin area change over time due to our "lovely" hormones.

My thanks to Sherry, for sharing her information and experience concerning this form of facial skin exfoliation. I'd like to add, most women do have hair on their faces, normally. It is so very light, so very peach-fuzz fine, that we seldom notice it, unless we take a magnifying glass to our faces!

Information I received from a cosmetic surgeon I contacted, directed me to this September, 2002 Harper's Bazaar article by Kerry Diamond. As well, I have posted a link to a New York Magazine article by Beth Landman. Both describe non-surgical dermaplaning, or as I call it, the drastic face shaving procedure:

Shaving Face-The New Secret to Soft Wrinkle-Free Skin

Beauty Beat-Our intrepid investigator goes "dermaplaning."

The above articles describe the non-surgical dermaplaning procedure in which a scalpel, the same type used in open heart surgery, is used to literally scrape away at the facial skin, honing in on fine lines and wrinkles, and scraping off dull dead skin cells. Personal face shaving sounds to me like a kinder, gentler, less expensive, form of non-surgical dermaplaning.

Jeannine Schenewerk

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